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Hotels in Santiago of Cuba!!!

Santiago de Cuba, is considered the city most Caribbean of all Cuban cities. And rightly bears the title of cultural capital of Cuba.

This is Santiago de Cuba - today is the capital of the province of the same name, the second largest city and most important on the Island of Freedom - the first capital and administrative center (1556) in the country. But that's not all! One of the most exotic Caribbean, and became famous as the "cradle of the revolution" in Cuba, not one. Be sure to visit the cemetery of St. Ephigenia, where lie the remains of two great patriots of Santiago de Cuba - Jose Marti and Carlos Manuel de Cespedes. José Martí, the Cuban Revolutionary Party founder and killed in Cuba in the war of the late nineteenth century against the Spanish (War 95), during one of the skirmishes against the colonial troops were killed. The uprising after his death did not stop. Every hour in front of the mausoleum is made ​​solemn change of guard of honor. José Martí - the embodiment of freedom and independence of Cuba.

Hotel Melia Santiago de Cuba5*  HoteLuxury in Santiago      Plan,CP  € 40

Hotel Casagranda 4*                  Hotel Boutique en Santiago Plan,CP  $ 42

Hotel Bucanero 3*
Hotel Beach en Santiago      Plan,AI  $ 40

Hostal San Basilio 3*
 Hostal in Santiago City         Plan,CP  $ 15

Hotel Melia Santiago de Cuba5*   HoteLuxury in Santiago     
Tipo Habitacion       DBL SGL
Standart € 40 € 67
Junior Suite € 60 € 93
Suite Royal Service €106 €159

Hotel Casagranda 4* Hotel Boutique en Santiago 
Tipo Habitacion         DBL SGL
Standart $42 $63

Hotel Bucanero 3* Hotel Beach en Santiago  
Tipo Habitacion         DBL SGL
Standart $40 $48
Hostal San Basilio 3* Hostal in Santiago City  
Tipo Habitacion         DBL SGL
Standart $15 $11


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