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Trinidad Cuba,

                                            Trinidad Cuba, Villa De la Santisima Trinidad - Colonial Jewels.

Founded by Conquistador Diego Velazquez in 1514. Trinidad romantic atmosphere mix with slavery colonial past, unique architecture, maze of narrow cobblestone streets.
Magnificent location nestled between high mountains of Escambray Range, and lovely coast of the Caribbean Sea.

Pure white sand and clean turquoise water is making Trinidad a unique and fascinating destination, inspiring tourist interest from around the world.
The old town architecture is Neo Classical and Baroque, with a Moorish flavor. Red tiles roofed houses painted on pastel colors, ornamented with artistic balconies, iron wrought railings and multicolor facades.
If you walk over the cobbled streets of the Trinidad, it makes you feel like going back into Colonial time.Visit Romantic Museum and the Cantero Museum near the Parque Mayor, Main Square center of the town.
The Cathedral, Iglesia Parroquial de la Santisima Trinidad, built between 1817 and 1892 is the largest church in Cuba.
From the tower an excellent view of Trinidad, and on the Escambray mountains and Caribbean Sea.
You must visit Valle de los Ingenios and see the spectacular view over the valley from the Iznaga Tower  Iznaga Tower go
The town structure consists of a gorgeous Main Square that has a statue of the Terpsichore - Muse of Music and Dance, to bring inspiration to dancers. The square is flanked by Holy Trinity Church. Spanish conquistador Cortes set out from here for Mexico in 1518.
Trinidad was declared by UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1988, along with the Valle de los Ingenios.
In 1790 there were 56 sugar mills operates and 12 000 slaves work in the sugar cane fields. At the time region had a population of 28 700.
In the early 19th century slaves revolt in Haiti caused French planters to flee to Trinidad. Slaves contributed to the formation of Cuban nationality, as they brought along their African customs, traditions, songs and dances, as well as their African religions. In addition to its cultural wealth and exuberant nature, Trinidad also brags spectacular Valle de los Ingenios, a unique Sugar Mill Valley.Museo Romantico is overlooking the Trinidad main square.
Has excellent exhibition of romantic style porcelain, glass, paintings and decorative furniture which belonged to the Conde de Brunet family, dating from 1830. Address: Street Hernandez 52.

Museum of Colonial Architecture Tourists who are interesting of the Colonial architecture the Museo de Arquitectura Colonial is the place to visit. Museum has collections of architectural decoration as: doors, handles, locks, windows, grills, Museum also offers guided tours through the historic streets of Trinidad. The museum is housed in two 18th Century buildings, Sanchez Iznaga residence.Located right at the town main square.

La Canchanchara - famous Trinidad tavern, it's housed in a mansion that was build in 1723 the house has its original cedar roof.
"Canchanchara" it's is a drink of the region, made from lemon juice, honey and Santero Cuban rum, serve in glazed ceramic pots.
This blend mixes with the magic of a place frozen in colonial time, this was the drink of the Mambises - Cuban Liberating Army.
address: Real entrance Boca and San Jose street, old Trinidad town.
"Casa de la Trova", offer excellent live Cuban music in open air and warm atmosphere. Colonial Bar is a place where to have a Mojito drink. Located block from Main Square, entrance street Marquez.
"Palenque de los Congos Reales", performances of Cuban folkloric group Afro Cuban dance and music. Address: #35 del Cristo str.
"Disco Cueva" - located in Trinidad famous cave. Near Hotel Las Cuevas, above the old town, is open nightly until 3 am.

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